Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm not lighting farts on fire any longer. No...something dumber.

Change of scenery this week. New job too. And for the last two days I've hit every meal exactly at 2.5, exactly as I set out to do. Well, aside from a little pre/post workout experiment tonight.

I'm back on it. I'm going to let this build this time. No extreme bs. However, in 20 weeks I'm going to be extreme. I'm looking at a bodybuilding show in Indy. Check the OCB website for details.

Yes, I know, that's crazy. I don't know if my skin will snap back into shape in time, but I'm going to train like it is. I'm going to have to get the majority of the bulk off quickly if I stand to make it.

Rough outline:
weeks 1-10, lose 2 pounds a week
weeks 11-28, lose 1 pound a week

That's 28 pounds, which puts me at 190 according the 218 I weighed today on the "heavy scale". That would be the scale that reads a little heavy, at Cardinal Fitness. I'll check myself a couple different places this week, to get a rough idea. It's not important aside from tracking my trend; making sure it trends downward.

What about those last two weeks? If I get on stage, it'll get real odd on the scale due to carb and water depleting, reloading, etc.


Don Q. said...

Welcome back to the wagon. I'm enjoying following your blog especially since it seems like it's about more than weight loss and fitness. It seems it started there, but this fight has lead you to a larger journey of self-discovery. Well done and looking forward to future reads.

-Lord Chubalot

PS When are ya gonna pick a noble title?

Spider said...

Good job, keep it up!

"The Captain" said...

Glad to see you posting again. I started back on the creatine.