Monday, March 26, 2007

Blogging in rhythm and sorrow

I don't know what that title means. I'm writing this one, sans any plan whatsoever.

I know not what I'm going through. I'm telling myself I need one week to get it out of my system, and then I'm 100% all in. That is, I am doing whatever I want this week, party hardy, and then I'm back like I was last summer; meals spot on, timed, measured, planned workouts, the whole 10 yards. I don't know what "the whole 9 yards" means, as a first down is 10 yards.

And no I don't care.

I honestly think, my best guess, is that the extra 15-20 pounds I'm carrying has changed my hormones to the point that I'm less conscious than before. I've always talked about building the body for the sake of development of the mind. Well, it stands to reason that I let the body go a bit, and the mind has followed.

I'm just not as mentally sharp, emotionally stable, or positive, clear minded, etc, etc...etc! New goal? See how conscious I can become. If you were paying attention, that means I'm going to see how fit I can become. That's overall health, along with weigh reduction. Did you know the only PROVEN thing to increase lifespan is reducing calories?

The plan of attack?

Stupid clean eating, 6 days of cardio, with 6 days of weights. My workouts will be short, intense, with an high emphasis on form and building a tighter neuro network of brain cells. Think I'm nuts? Exercise grows brain cells, as shown in this study

Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot. Day 7? Steven Covey would call it "Sharpen the Saw". A renewal; a day of rest. Whatever. I call it Zen Buddhism Meditation and Yoga. Again, this just improves the mind more, as shown here

I'll update everyone with the details of the diet which is going to be heavier in raw foods, especially fish and seaweed.

Friday, March 16, 2007

At Krispy Kreme, Whole What? -

At Krispy Kreme, Whole What? -
This proves that everyone wants to lie to themselves about weight loss. The average American will come buy a weight loss pill from me for $50 a bottle, after eating a $5 breakfast consisting of a whole wheat Krispy Kreme and a Grande Mocha (low fat, please!), they'll skip lunch because they're too busy at their 9-5, and then eat a shit sandwich washed down by a low carb Michelobe Ultra.

I'm crazy because I enjoy $.20 worth of oats every morning, eat my own meals that I make, and when St. Patty's comes around I'm drinking mass quantities of $5 a pint DARK beer. Life is too short for lite beer. I'm sure I'll be hung over the next day and I'll eat a REAL Krispy Kreme with my coffee.

Hey, every now and again, you need to go off. It's what we do 90% of the time that makes this little diversions so much (guilt free) fun.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Moving from survival mode.

I was just listening to Zig Ziglar, one of my favorites. He suggested that some people might just be in survival mode, and we need to move from survival to stable, to success, and then to signifigance. Interesting thought.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

7%! Rob, I'm all in!

I'm done with debating it. I know what I want. I want to be stupid lean. Why?


I've got my reasons. One, is because I know what it will take, and that means getting my entire LIFE in order, on a schedule, planning, etc. That means I can enjoy some anticipatory excitement, as well as the actual excitement of doing what I've planned.

Also, I'm vain, and need to admit it. I'll set out knowing that I'm doing this for vanity, and accept it. In doing so, I am thinking I will lose some of this damn ego I have.

It's odd. Everytime I give up my pride, I gain it ten fold. Perhaps I need to quit trying to give up my ego, as it only seems to grow when I do so. Instead, I'll use a little negative psychology on myself, admit I'm vain, and in doing so, lose my vanity.

Or, am I just crazy? Who cares. I'll be crazy at 7% bodyfat which will be better than whereverthehell I am right now.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm proud of myself, and I can do better

What does that mean, exactly? Well, on the one hand I cannot feel too bad, because I came from 300. On the other, I know I can do better. So I must celebrate the fact that I did pretty good whilst knowing I can do better. I DID good. Now, I must DO good. Better. My best.

The picture is from not my worst, but close to my best. I never got much leaner, and now I'm a tad heavier. I've got to come up with my "WHY?" Why do I want to be totally ripped? Vanity? Attention? Marketing myself? Personal Challenge? What am I looking for???

Personal Challenge. I have no other right now. That's what I'm going with, for now. "Why's" change.

You know, there are some things I do in life that I'm not sure at the outset why I'm doing them. This is part of enjoying the journey.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Blogging while on the eliptical

This is GREAT! I work in a supplement store. There's a personal training studio in back. So, right now, I am:

1) Working, and getting paid
2) cruising about 8MPH on the eliptical
3) surfing the web
4) watching an educational DVD on nutrition
5) blogging

I can multitask, get fit AND paid!! I'm sweating on my keyboard though.

Loving life right now. I'm overeating, gaining weight, and looking better. When I finally cut this summer, I will look fuller at sub 10%. WooHOOO!!