Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Another idiotic study

Bogus Study

So, here's the headline, "Milk: Two glasses a day tones muscles, keeps the fat away in women, study shows"

Here's the abstract to the study:

The basis is all wrong to begin with: "Purpose: We aimed to determine whether women consuming fat-free milk versus isoenergetic carbohydrate after resistance exercise would see augmented gains in lean mass and reductions in fat mass similar to what we observed in young men."

So, they were trying to first determine if protein (vs no protein) would aid in building muscle...because that's never been looked at. THEN, they follow with pondering if more lean muscle will burn more fat...because, well, who knows?

You could have saved them a few thousand dollars by sending them a MM2K from 1993.

OK, I'm done. Off the soap box. This horse is dead. I'm being redundant, repetitive...and repeating myself.

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