Monday, October 09, 2006

Starting my BFL business. What should I include? I'm not just talking here. I have a retail location, ~700 square feet waiting, a marketing company I'm working with, multiple trainers waiting to train, and a nutritionalist waiting to help.

Yet I have no program.

Here's my thought. You can get a diet and workout program anywhere. I'm going to take people through what I went through. I'm going go to the grocery store with them, and show them exactly WHY you buy what you buy. Then, I'm going to buy them not just the fruit, but the fruit basket to go in front of their "snack spot" in the house. I'm going as far as buying them a crock pot for hot oatmeal in the morning. What else?

I want to give people all the little things they need to succeed.

Of course, I'll have supplements and the shaker cups to go along with them. The BFL book, and probably audio book. A custom journal, etc. etc. I do have someone who can cook all their meals for them.

Should I take it that far? What would you want?

What were some of the things you bought or learned, or struggled with, or WHATEVER. I am going to be the teacher/coach. I'm doing the educational side, and having trainers and a nutritionalist do the rest. I'm going to teach a weekly class, and give them every article/book I've read. Hey, 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week times 12 weeks is 18 hours of audiobook time.

MY audiobook???? Hmmmmm...

If you could walk into a business, and 12 weeks later walk out a new person, what would you require? What would it be worth to you to walked through a plan where you could not fail?


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are serious about this, and creating your own body for life business sounds very interesting. I'd recommend writing a business plan (if you haven't already), getting your taxes & expenses in line, and taking a shot at it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Josh, hOW is you business progressing? It is a great idea. You might need to license the bfl name from bill phillips. But you could call it something else and still use his pricilples. Please post and let us know how it is going.