Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Alrighty, what have I been doing?

Before I get to that, let me tell you the current status first. I'm a little off from where I was, but getting back into the routine. The eating and workouts are not clockwork, like before, but they're getting done. Maybe a C+ or B- right now. It's a process.

So, what happened? I went 13 weeks with no alcohol, no sugar, no TV, no internet at home (admittedly, I became hooked on free WiFi), etc. etc. I alienated myself from most people. I even turned off my cell phone at times for full days so no one could find me.

Why? Self reflection/growth/introspective. Why not?

Now, two things happened. One, I learned about myself; A LOT about myself. I went hiking, rock climbing, camping (both regular camping and nudist colony), I went to live performances on small stages, organic farms, and other random, new activities. However, I usually did everything ALONE.

It sucks that in Indiana the oddball is the person who eats for health as opposed to making eating into a sport. I'm a freak because on a Friday night I'll seek out the local performing arts scene, as opposed to the bar scene. You will just as soon find me in my local Starbucks, in front of the fire reading something enlightening as you would find me in the local pub arguing religion and politics.

But I was alone.

So, October came along, and I got out a bit. Then the cold hits, and it's easier to go warm up with friends and libations than sit alone in front of the fire. Don't get me wrong, I love my fireplace, but I must balance.

Christmas brought the old friends back in town, and predictably, more going out. Now, I'm trying to swing the pendalum back the other direction, and balance. I'm not going another 13 weeks (for now), but I am more focused on fitness.

More focused? I'm getting it done. It's building.

The one good thing about this last few months of introspective reflecting, and all out social interaction is that I'm now dating quite a bit. I grew a TON last year through all my time alone, and it shows with those I am attracting now. The best advice I ever heard in regards to finding women is to quit looking. Just work on yourself, and they'll find you. Done.

So now, I am working some workout dates into the mix, some dates without drinking, some activities that stimulate the mind and spirit as much as the physical. With this, I crave the physical exercise again, which in turn I feel my mind become a more fertile ground in which to plant intellectual seeds.

It's a cycle. It's beginning to spin again. I love this.


Twice the Man said...


I am alive and well. I started a county government job, so I can not blog openly. I took my blog offline, with hope of editing personal info out, but it never happened. My weight is up some, but not where i started and i have been dating the same girl steady for a few months --- she has not been a good influence. Hopefully i will get going again, i will let you know.

Josh said...

I know how the women can throw you off track a bit. Going out to eat and drinking on dates is always expected in the Midwest during winter.

I'd like to meet someone as into fitness as I am, but where? Ladies always say they're getting unwanted advances at the gym, so that's out.

Wait a second. I know how they get dolled up in one of the gyms I work out at. Hmmm...

I'm going to that gym today.

gande said...

Hey Josh, Do not wonder whether you know me before. I am sure you are not. But I found your post excellent and felt happy to see great transformation. gone little philosophical but completely true. I hope you are still doing it. have a great life dude!