Sunday, February 18, 2007

Inspired by Twice the Man

My buddy GR, aka "Twice the Man" got back to the weight loss again. Way to go, bro!

In light of this, I thought I'd start posting more often. This should help keep me on track while I try to bulk a little in the next month and a half. It's an odd mindset to actually try to overeat after being so damn strict for so damn long. I need this though. In time, I'm certain I'll feel the urge to get lean.

So today, I woke up to my normal bowl of groats already cooked in the crock pot. What's a groat? Well, before oatmeal becomes a "flake" it's on the plant as a grain with a hull. Remove that hull, and it's just a groat. Steam it and squash it, it's a flake (old fashion oats). I like mine less processed, thus, the groats. Here's a more detailed explaination:

Thanks, Karen! A great low GI, and raw food resource. Keep it raw, unprocessed, and REAL.

So, onto the short winded rest of the day.

Meal one, groats and whey.
Meal two, oats and whey (hey, I knew I need the carbs for leg day)
"Meal" three, MetRX Big 100 bar and two Venti Starbucks drip coffee. Uhm, yeah, that is PERFECT pre workout nutrtion. <-That's sarcasm, if you missed it.

Then came the workout. OUCH! I freakin' WRECKED my legs. All I did was squat and calves, but I hit PERFECT form, and I'm hosed for the next 3 days. Seriously, the hardest leg workout I've had in 6 months. Therefore, the rest of the story goes like this:

Post workout shake, 35g's whey and 60g's carbs
Post workout meal 6 oz sirloin, double chicken breast, baked potato, mixed veggies and two glasses of cabernet. Hey, it's SUNDAY! And I did it post workout. AND I'm bulking.

and I'm making excuses for my overindulgence.

The wine doesn't help any. Alcohol blunts testosterone, and that was kinda dumb considering how bad my legs hurt. Maybe I could justify that if I blunt my test production at dinner, it'll have a rebound effect (hormones always do) later tonight when I'm sleeping? Maybe I needed the cleansing effect of the antioxidents in the red wine post workout?

Maybe I can justify anything.

Meal 6 was 50g's whey (because my legs are telling me they're going to need it) and an slice of Oreo Cheese Cake (because my belly tells me I WANT it).

So there's my leg day, and my cheats. Not too shabby. At least I'm cheating at the right time and getting my protein. Well, not too shaby aside from drinking wine post workout. And the Oreo thing. And too much whey rather than real food. And that sugary MetRX bar. And, and, and....

I'M BULKING! Lemme alone!


Twice the Man said...

Thanks for the warm welcome back, its greatly appreciated.

Don Q. said...

A strange change to be focused on bulking up. Enjoy the process.

Twice the Man said...

Josh, how long you going to be at the classic. I could make it up there Saturday, even in the evening Friday if anything is going on then. Its very soon I see.