Friday, March 02, 2007

Blogging while on the eliptical

This is GREAT! I work in a supplement store. There's a personal training studio in back. So, right now, I am:

1) Working, and getting paid
2) cruising about 8MPH on the eliptical
3) surfing the web
4) watching an educational DVD on nutrition
5) blogging

I can multitask, get fit AND paid!! I'm sweating on my keyboard though.

Loving life right now. I'm overeating, gaining weight, and looking better. When I finally cut this summer, I will look fuller at sub 10%. WooHOOO!!


Twice the Man said...

Impressive, I thought I was doing good today on the stationary bike watching commerical free TV on my Laptop --- but your years ahead of me, look forward to seeing you Sunday afternoon

Twice the Man said...

It was great meeting you face to face at the Arnold Classic today, thanks for the invite -- it was an experience.