Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It feels good to not be a loser

I don't know why I forget it sometime, but I do. When I'm down, I choose to stay down, and act like a loser. After going to the gym and beating myself senseless the last 2 days, I wonder why in the HELL I would ever not go work out and feel good.

Working out doesn't feel good. After the workout does. Honestly, I beat myself senseless in the gym. I can only stand 20-30 minutes anymore because I'm hitting things so hard. I love the new intensity, and efficiency. You know, there are even a few moments in the gym that I do have fun. Like when I see my bicep bulge as I do a curl, and think, "Damn, I'm a stud." It's fun in an 8th grade sort of way.

Then today, I sit here resting, taking the day off for recovery, and feeling sore all over. My biceps got the smackdown. My chest and back are screaming from Monday. Every way I move, all throughout the day, my body says to me, "Congrats, you're back on it."

Here's an update on the weight. It's around 216, on any scale I step on. I'm going back to NIFS to get my bodyfat checked, my lean mass weighed, and in 8 weeks I will have dropped 16 pounds overall. It'll probably have to be 20 pounds of fat, and add 4 pounds of muscle. I've done this before, I'm doing it again, and I can just fell that my head is finally back in it.

Why did I take such a long break? More after a few more days of good workouts and higher consciousness.

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Jan B said...

Congratulations, you are doing well. When I was reading, I was thinking, well I may be female, but I get that same feeling when I look at my bicep doing a curl! Funny. But it is great to be getting in shape.