Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Got my endorphine fix with some Body for Life style cardio. I weighed in at 209, which concerns me. However, I think that I'm taking in so much water that is to be expected. I've also been doubling up on my creatine which causes water retention. FURTHERMORE, I've made it a point to eat more carbs as I think I may have dropped them a little low last week.

Soooo...I'm chillin on it. I'll be back near 205 or 206 tomorrow morning. It's shoulder and ab day, so I'm low carbing all day. Hey, if I don't need the calories to move big weight, I'm not going to intake them.

Does this work? I think so. I just try to match my carbs with my energy expenditure. I may need to get more scientific at this point, and measure my food. However, for now, I'm still going off feel, and will remain doing so until I finally feel I cannot lose anymore this way.


A Girl Running said...

but how do you know how many carbs to have?

Josh said...

I think the easiest way, if you're going to count is as follows:

Eat one gram of carbs for every pound of bodyweight. So if you weigh 180, eat 180 grams of carbs. If you're doing 6 meals, like you should be, that's 30 grams per meal.

Then again, I've cycled my carbs high and low, with mixed results. If you become constipated and want to kill anyone around you, you may have dropped them too low.