Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday.

Sunday is cheat day. That is supposed to be "free day", ala Body for Life. However, I've made it into cheat day. Now I'm done. I can't keep doing this.

Breakfast was the usual eggs, biscuits and gravy, and breakfast meats, with a side of fried potatoes. That's the usual. Felt like hell afterwards, came home and slept. Then for dinner I had a bacon cheeseburger and fries. Felt like hell again; came home and slept. And it was a nice day. What a waste of a Sunday.

So here I sit, Sunday night, wondering why I do it. Why would I do things that make me feel like hell. I guess, like my drinking used to, eating used to give me a healthy dose of pleasure. Now, the pain afterwards is about equal to the pleasure I get during my "feedings".

Yeah, I think I'm done with this whole idea of cheating for a while.


A Girl Running said...

I was going to ask about a cheat day. Do you still do this? I have read that it is a good idea to allow yourself a day to eat as you want and obviously you still lose weight considering you do this.

Josh said...

Yeah, I have been. The third picture is a little over 11% body fat, and I did it all the way until then.

I've still been doing it, but it's not going as well. I've realized that for me, cheat day is causing a junk food hangover on Monday. As well, I've recognized that my lifestyle is one of extremes. I eat freakishly clean m-sa, and Sunday I overindulge.

For a year and a half it worked for me. Now? I'm thinking I might have 2-3 cheat meals throughout the week.

What works best? Whatever works for you. Furthermore, whatever works for you AT THIS TIME. As our mind/body/spirit changes, so does our needs.

I advocate that you do what works for you, for now.