Saturday, March 10, 2007

7%! Rob, I'm all in!

I'm done with debating it. I know what I want. I want to be stupid lean. Why?


I've got my reasons. One, is because I know what it will take, and that means getting my entire LIFE in order, on a schedule, planning, etc. That means I can enjoy some anticipatory excitement, as well as the actual excitement of doing what I've planned.

Also, I'm vain, and need to admit it. I'll set out knowing that I'm doing this for vanity, and accept it. In doing so, I am thinking I will lose some of this damn ego I have.

It's odd. Everytime I give up my pride, I gain it ten fold. Perhaps I need to quit trying to give up my ego, as it only seems to grow when I do so. Instead, I'll use a little negative psychology on myself, admit I'm vain, and in doing so, lose my vanity.

Or, am I just crazy? Who cares. I'll be crazy at 7% bodyfat which will be better than whereverthehell I am right now.


"The Captain" said...

Your photo's look great. I have lost a 112 lbs, but I still wouldn't take a photo with my shirt off!!!

Twice the Man said...

Wow 7% is lean, you can do it though. Glad to read your getting your focus.