Friday, March 16, 2007

At Krispy Kreme, Whole What? -

At Krispy Kreme, Whole What? -
This proves that everyone wants to lie to themselves about weight loss. The average American will come buy a weight loss pill from me for $50 a bottle, after eating a $5 breakfast consisting of a whole wheat Krispy Kreme and a Grande Mocha (low fat, please!), they'll skip lunch because they're too busy at their 9-5, and then eat a shit sandwich washed down by a low carb Michelobe Ultra.

I'm crazy because I enjoy $.20 worth of oats every morning, eat my own meals that I make, and when St. Patty's comes around I'm drinking mass quantities of $5 a pint DARK beer. Life is too short for lite beer. I'm sure I'll be hung over the next day and I'll eat a REAL Krispy Kreme with my coffee.

Hey, every now and again, you need to go off. It's what we do 90% of the time that makes this little diversions so much (guilt free) fun.

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Spider63 said...

As Arnold said in Pumping Iron, "Milk? I am not a baby anymore. I drink beer."