Monday, March 26, 2007

Blogging in rhythm and sorrow

I don't know what that title means. I'm writing this one, sans any plan whatsoever.

I know not what I'm going through. I'm telling myself I need one week to get it out of my system, and then I'm 100% all in. That is, I am doing whatever I want this week, party hardy, and then I'm back like I was last summer; meals spot on, timed, measured, planned workouts, the whole 10 yards. I don't know what "the whole 9 yards" means, as a first down is 10 yards.

And no I don't care.

I honestly think, my best guess, is that the extra 15-20 pounds I'm carrying has changed my hormones to the point that I'm less conscious than before. I've always talked about building the body for the sake of development of the mind. Well, it stands to reason that I let the body go a bit, and the mind has followed.

I'm just not as mentally sharp, emotionally stable, or positive, clear minded, etc, etc...etc! New goal? See how conscious I can become. If you were paying attention, that means I'm going to see how fit I can become. That's overall health, along with weigh reduction. Did you know the only PROVEN thing to increase lifespan is reducing calories?

The plan of attack?

Stupid clean eating, 6 days of cardio, with 6 days of weights. My workouts will be short, intense, with an high emphasis on form and building a tighter neuro network of brain cells. Think I'm nuts? Exercise grows brain cells, as shown in this study

Oh, yeah, I nearly forgot. Day 7? Steven Covey would call it "Sharpen the Saw". A renewal; a day of rest. Whatever. I call it Zen Buddhism Meditation and Yoga. Again, this just improves the mind more, as shown here

I'll update everyone with the details of the diet which is going to be heavier in raw foods, especially fish and seaweed.


Spider63 said...

I agree with you 100% The extra weight really does affect the mind, sharpness, etc. I don't know if it is purely about blood circulation, hormones, nutrients, or what.

Josh said...

Some days I think it's a biological thing. Others I just think it's simply the physical challenge of the weight itself. Think about it. If you had to carry a 25 pound dumbell around all day, wouldn't you be pissed? Well, I'm about 220 now, 25 up from my low. It's a real drag carrying this 25 everywhere I go. I'd bet I added less than 10 pounds of lean mass, and the rest is FAT.

Oh well. I know how to lose it, and know what it takes mentally. It will be gone this summer.

Spider63 said...

Hey, it's been over two weeks since you were going to take a week off. Don't fall too far off the wagon, or you will end up gaining a lot of weight.

"The Captain" said...

Thanks for posting on my site. I was little confused with you post if you liked my site, or did not. Either way your comments are always welcome.
Weights have really helped since I added them to my routine a year and a half ago. As I told Spider, my favorite magazines are ironman and musculardevelopment. I like ironman a little more because they have more articles for the natural athlete. The weights have slowed my progress with the scale, but my midsection keeps shrinking and the poundage on the benchpress and dumbells keeps going up.
I only quit taking creatine for one day. I just like the way that stuff makes me feel. I only take 2 grams a day. Take it easy.

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