Monday, July 10, 2006

Wendy's KID's Meal?

If you want to feed your kid a 620 calorie meal, with 89 grams of carbs, feed him the new "healthy" kid's meal at Wendy's.

Let me break this down. I am ~205 pounds right now, and work out out HARD daily. I am looking for 300-400 calorie meals. I eat 200 carbs or less daily; and little sugar. I certainly don't eat ANY meal with 34 sugars. As well, most of those sugars are lactose, which spikes blood sugar faster than even white sugar. You're going to feed this junk to your 1o0 pound kid?

What's worse? While the fat is low in relation to overall calories, it's specifically this lack of fat that will cause this meal to rapidly digest causing a spike in blood sugar. Of course, this spike in blood sugar results in a spike in insulin, which causes fat storage.

And what goes up rapidy must come down rapidly. What happens when your child's blood sugar crashes after these highs? Enjoy your cranky, overly hungry child 3 hours later.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. DO NOT try to eat healthy at a restaurant. Yes, I'm serious. You want a more glaring example? The "healthy" choice for an adult dessert would appear to be the yogurt and granola over the frosty, right? A small "fix and mix" frosty is only 20 more calories than the yogurt.

Quit torturing yourself when you're out to eat!


A Girl Running said...

I haven't been able to view your blog for days - not sure what happened there but doesn't matter now. I wanted to thank you, you have inspired me to find out more about Body For Life and I have ordered the book and journal and it comes with a DVD. It should arrive tomorrow

whoo hoo

very excited about getting started!

Josh said...

Very cool. When you're done with the book, pass these great feelings on to someone else. You'll read about "the universal law of reciprication" in Body for Life.

It's of major importance that you practive this. Just as important as the diet and exercise.


Twice the Man said...

Rarely is a restaurnat meal healthy, the only place that I have found is Appleebee's if you order off the Weight Watcher's menu. Anywhere else eating out I would consider a cheat meal.

Shawn said...


Once again, great information. I just did a blog recently expressing my frustration with the likes of Jamba Juice, and places that portray themselves as "healthy" alternatives yet are pimping sugars and holding protien like it's solid gold.

The Jamba Juice I featured was nearly 1300 calories with 220 gms of sugars! In ONE DRINK! Get out of here with that! I'd be in a coma!'s not a BLOG, actually it's in my 7 Laws of a Red Hot Metabolism ebook. Oh well...when I find it I will share it with you.

Nice work!

In Strength,
Shawn Phillips

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