Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Glycemic Index, Insulin and more you should know.

If you can just understand this, you'll be able to make the right diet choices in any situation. This site has taught me innumerable things that helped me lose weight.

Taken from WorldsHealthiestFoods.com:

What is important when differentiating between various types of carbohydrates is how rapidly a particular carbohydrate will turn into sugar and raise blood sugar (glucose) levels, the body's source of energy for most activities. Read more here...


A Girl Running said...

I'm following a low GI plan written by my gym. I am finding it working great but did have a few days of unpleasant symptoms from the change in carb intake

Josh said...

I try to "front load" carbs. More in the morning, and less as the day progresses. As well, I don't low carb, just eat all low GI carbs. This keeps me from getting low carb cranky. Carbs are brain food as well as fuel for the muscles. You need them. Just don't eat the ones that make you spike and crash which causes cravings.

Stay away from white sugar, or white flour, and you're on your way.