Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shawn Phillips: Igniting the Flame of Intensity

Shawn Phillips: Igniting the Flame of Intensity

I cannot believe I haven't shared this here yet. The BEST article ever on what training is all about. Here are some quotes from the man best known for his abs:

"It's no longer just about the size of one's biceps, but about the nearly unlimited potential of the mind, body, and spirit—the full potential of being."

"For millions more in gyms across the country, this kind of total engagement of body, mind, and spirit has the power to transform—and the greatest impact is rarely in the weight room. Even when all else seems to be going against you, focused, mindful training can facilitate a deep and ever-expanding spiritual life."

This is why I enjoy the "practice" of lifting weights.

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Shawn said...


Thanks for the post... and wow, amazing transformation and terrific authentic blogging!

You've got an amazing story to share.

I've seen some of your posts, your reference to Zen Master Yan Si Lan Liam Li, etc... what gives?

And where did you find the What is Enlightenment article? I would not think it to be roaming the BFL circles any where.

In Strength,
Shawn Phillips