Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In his own words, Allen, aka Living Again at tells how he went from being this guy:

To this guy, in ONLY 12 WEEKS!

I had a slight technical problem with the first Podcast, so it's going to take me until tomorrow to get the first audio up. Cut me some slack, I'm a noob!


Nat Thompson said...

Hey Josh! Got your email but my replies are bouncing. Check out They've got a call in service that doesn't seem to have a time limit and they are FREE!

Good Luck!
Nat Thompson

alvindsv said...

I tried pulling this guys profile up on tracker but could not find him. Little help?

alvindsv said...

Never mind, I found him. His user name is living again, not alive again. Might want to change that in your blog.


A Girl Running said...

Wow he looks amazing!