Thursday, June 29, 2006

Chasing the Dragon

When I started my Transformation two years ago I wrote a note on day one, "Chest so sore I can't sit still. Pecs twitching involuntarily." This was serious.

I told my trainer that if I have to hurt this bad, I'd rather go back to being drunk and feel the hangovers.

He told me I'd one day crave this pain. I looked at him like he was stupidest muscle head I've ever spoken to.

Today, almost two years later, I'm wobbling around today on sore legs from Tuesday. I LOVE IT! I look forward to tearing the crapola out of my chest tonight in a search for that first, elusive pain I once had.

I believe if it were heroin I was addicted to as opposed to working out, this would be called, "Chasing the Dragon." We're all addicted to something; just choose an addiction that serves you well.

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A Girl Running said...

I'm like that with running - I so love it when my quads hurt afterwards