Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day One.

I've let myself go. I didn't think it was this bad. The scale tells me it's not. The pictures tell a different story.

The scale tells me 208.6. I once saw mid 198, so I'm officially 10 pounds up to start. I think I look worse than 10 heavy. However, that just tells me the first 10 are coming off quick, as it's fresh fat. Just a theory.

The blood pressure was 106/55, the resting heart rate 52, and the temp 96.89. This tells me I'm fit, yet have low metabolism. All of these taken first thing in the AM, before getting out of bed.

Why temp? Thyroid function. If it's good, I'll be warm. If not, I'll be cold. I need to get my metabolism fired up. I've always been low, but I'm not sure how low. Recently, I've been in the 96's a lot. NOT GOOD.

The high for the day was my 20 minute cardio, Body for Life style. What is a level 10? Contemplating your own mortality while trying to get your legs to move faster.

My weight goals are on fitday. My measurements will be on Body for Life Tracker tomorrow.

It's late, I'm tired, and will work more on this tomorrow. I'd give myself a 5 out of 10 today overall. I will become a much, MUCH more organized person by the end of 12 weeks.


A Girl Running said...

The whole thyroid thing has me thinking. I have an underactive thyroid and take regular medication. Since cutting my carbs and stepping up the cardio I have noticed I sweat a lot more when working out and am warm - sometimes too warm during the night. And not sleeping as well. I am guessing that an increase to my metabolism??

Josh said...

I began taking Now Nutrition's Thyroid support formula today. We'll see how it does in naturally helping me. It's a blend of Iodine and Tyrosine with Moss, Guggles, Copper, and some other yadda yadda that is supposed to work synergistically with one another to produce more T3 and T4...so they say.

My temp was only 96.29 this morn. Tonight I measured it at 97.49. Circadian rythms are linked to temp. That is, when you get tired, you're also cold. This is why you and I are up right now, and have a hard time sleeping; warmer at night, colder in the AM.

I'm going to correct that this 12 weeks. How? Aside from the supplements, I'm going to start working out in the AM. Tough for me, but worth it.

When I worked out in the AM, I would hit the pillow at Midnight every night and be out til 7:30 AM like clockwork. I'll be back there.

It's not just diet or exercise, it's a Whole New Life! Again.