Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Please, leave some feedback

This blog is for you. As much as I love to feed my own ego, I want to teach others, and inspire others.

So what do YOU want to see? More articles like "But I had the Chicken!"? How about pages like the PMS page, or Thyroid Page? Audio Blog?

I'm going to start an audio blog, hopefully by weeks' end. Let me know what you want to hear.


A Girl Running said...

I like reading about your experience as your losing weight as I find it very inspirational.

it would be really interesing to read more about your diet (what you eat) and what supplements you take and recommend

Josh said...

Check the FitDay link. I just updated it. I'm going to do that as much as I can. I like to keep track of what I'm eating. However, it's a REAL pain updating it. Hopefully, it gets better as I get my favorite foods in there.

For now, you can see everything I eat, except salads. I go through about 1 bag, 12-16oz every two days.

A Girl Running said...

thanks for that I will check it out