Friday, June 16, 2006

I need just one person.

Just one person to be responsible to. I'll start with just one. JUST START. Baby steps on the bus there Bob.

After I get one, I will get two. Then three. Then four. This doesn't sound like rocket surgury, does it?

But it is, if you get wrapped up into it, and forget what the first step it. And that is what?

Just one.

Clean and green.

Since no one has any idea what I speak of besides me, I'll leave you with this parabole, to make up for my foolish post today.

For the record, I'm totally distracting myself with nonsense because of the breakup. I'm doing some dumb things right now, but will be 100% on diet and workouts June 25th. I think that's the date. It's coming soon.

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